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Giving back

It feels like today marks the real start of Autumn for us in Perth. It’s a rainy Sunday and images of people enjoying football games abound.

Anyone who knows John would know that he is an avid football fan. It is not surprising then for us all to know that One Design and Construct was not only the major sponsor of Banksia Park Primary School 30th anniversary Fair but also a sponsor for Bullcreek Leeming Junior Football Club.

Clients all tell us that John and his team are considerate and thoughtful. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons why John believes in giving back to the community. And he is certainly an avid supporter of local sports teams.

This is a big year for One Design and Construct – and it has been like this every year it seems since they started back in 2014! The focus for us now to grow and contribute  at the same time.

Hurrah for the Bullcreek Leeming JFC!

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