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Supporting Junior Football

Back in Autumn this year, we were pleased to announce that One Design and Construct had become one of the main sponsors for the Bullcreek Leeming Junior Football Club. The footy season is now over, but we were so proud to see the young teams wearing footy jumpers bearing our logo. We’ve enjoyed a cracker of a season with some great games, and a couple of flags won at the end, much to the excitement of the club. With all that said, 1DC hope to jump on board for the upcoming 2020 season.

Also adding to the fun and excitement, not so long ago the Football Club had a ‘Race Night’ themed fundraising event. The fundraiser was spearheaded by John’s wife Emma, and we think her skills may be called upon again because the club raised a whopping $10,000! This will greatly help with future Club plans and activities. Another Race Night fundraiser might definitely be on the cards as everyone had a ton of fun and the generosity shown by the contributors was just amazing.

The team at One Design and Construct are grateful for the opportunity to support their local junior footy club and thankful to all of the wonderful people in the community who help support local junior sport.

No doubt the 1DC team will be powering ahead with more quality renovations and extension projects all through spring and summer. And we’ll be back with more news on our next exciting project updates shortly.

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