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    Winner MBA 2018

    MBA 2018 Construction Excellence Award Winner in Alterations & Additions for Under $150,000 Category

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Award Winning Renovation & Extension Builder in Western Australia

One Design and Construct are the winner of 2018 MBA Awards – Best Alterations and Additions Category (under $150,000)

NATIONAL AWARD FINALIST – 2018 Construction Excellence Alteration and Additions under $200,000

WINNER2018 Best Alterations & Additions Under $150,000

FINALIST2018 Best Alterations & Additions $300,000-$400,000

RUNNER UP – 2017 Best New Builder

WINNER2016 Construction Excellence Alteration and Additions $150,000 to $200,000

NATIONAL AWARD FINALIST2016 Construction Excellence Alteration and Additions $150,000 to $200,000

Our clients say…

I am addicted to ‘ Grand Designs’! Luckily I took on the advice from the show and employed a builder who knew what he was doing. The whole journey was so exciting….. Read more testimonials

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Renovation in Beaconsfield

When Annabelle and Tom purchased their character house in Beaconsfield, they loved the feel of the property, but the 4-bed 1-bath layout didn’t quite work and there were a lot of areas that needed repair. They decided to renovate to make the property exactly how they wanted it. “If they can deal with a pregnant […]

Giving back

It feels like today marks the real start of Autumn for us in Perth. It’s a rainy Sunday and images of people enjoying football games abound. Anyone who knows John would know that he is an avid football fan. It is not surprising then for us all to know that One Design and Construct was […]

When Ash, the interior decorator, met John

It’s an older character home on a lush tree-lined street in a well-established suburb. There’s a lot to love about the house but because the home was built so long ago, it doesn’t have many of the comforts and conveniences that come with modern design and construction. Here’s a list of challenges a lot of […]

Renovate and retire in Leeming

When Margaret decided to retire in late 2018, she also had to think about whether to downsize or continue living in a double-storey home that she had built over 30 years ago. She liked the fact that the house was built really well. After all, her structural engineer friend made sure that the house sat […]

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