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One Design and Construct is the winner of Master Builders Housing Excellence Award 2016 & 2018 for the Alternation and Additions categories.

Small house on a large block? Add another floor?

Whether you are looking to expand your living space with an extension, second floor or a deck, we have the solution. If you love your home and the area where it is in, don’t go to the drastic step of selling and relocating. You always have the option of adding a second storey or extension to your home.

Extension or Addition

Is your home lacking space to accomodate a growing family? Why not extend at the back of the existing residence. We can convert a carport into an additional room and also have a lock up garage. Your 3×1 can be transformed to 4×2 home.

2018 Award Winner – Leeming

SCOPE: House Alteration & Extension (Granny flat)
location: Leeming, WA
OVERALL COST: $150,000

2016 Award Winner – Applecross

SCOPE: House Extension & renovation
location: APPLECROSS, WA
OVERALL COST: $200,000 +
The whole journey was so exciting. Communication was a key point, I knew what I wanted, and every effort was made to deliver a quality product.
2018 Award Winning Project

Leeming Granny Flat in 7 weeks

Client and her family all wanted more quality time together. One Design and Construct built a mini-version of her house in her daughter’s backyard. Familiar, own entrance, spacious, functional, a garden and all under one roof, connected by a door. An easy transition for her. John and his team built it in seven weeks. She moved in week eight. She couldn’t be happier!
  • New garage for the existing residence
  • Seperate entrance for the granny flat
  • A door connecting to the main residence
2016 Award Winning Project

Applecross Home Alteration & Renovation

They knew they would get what they wanted, and more, when John came out to talk to them for their initial consultation. Peter and Jill were most impressed with all of the ideas John had, many of which hadn’t occurred to them. We all like options, don’t we? Before meeting John, they figured they had a pretty good idea about how the house could be renovated. However, a seasoned professional like John was able to see what could be re-used from the existing structure (oh hello? We are not throwing everything away?) and what could be done better for the same money…
They were looking for:
  • lots of storage space with a big built-in wardrobe
  • new guest bedroom with ensuite
  • spacious ensuite
  • large master bedroom
  • brand new kitchen with more bench space.
Honouring heritage

Hilton Heritage House restoration & extension

Honouring heritage

Cottesloe Ground Level Extension & Multi-Level Renovation

Customers reviews

What clients say about One Design & Construct?

I am addicted to ‘ Grand Designs’! Luckily I took on the advice from the show and employed a builder who knew what he was doing. The whole journey was so exciting. Communication was a key point, I knew what I wanted, and every effort was made to deliver a quality product. A few logical changes, suggested by John, improved the final outcome, with consideration of my tight budget and still on time to accommodate a home wedding a couple of weeks later! Wow, that was working under pressure. Now I have my own ‘Grand Design’ (although its only little) thanks to John, Brett and the rest of the crew.
We are very pleased to say how professional our ceiling project was undertaken and completed within 5 working days. The end result is wonderful and we are over the moon with the finished product! We would highly recommend them for any renovations.
Peter & Janet
East Fremantle
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