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Large Scale Re-roofing for Advantage Air

Aerial shot of the re-rooting project for Advantage Air

When Advantage Air needed a new roof for their vast Canning Vale factory, they were lucky enough to have an employee who was a previous One Design and Construct client, and that’s how they ended up talking to John Bodin at 1DC.

Some people might think that 1DC only does small to medium scale high-quality renovations. Not so. They are diverse and have the necessary expertise and people to complete construction work ranging from very small renovations to big projects like a complete commercial factory re-roof. And the roof at Advantage Air’s Canning Vale factory is 8,500 square metres. That’s big! But no matter how big, high standards of work and excellent quality finish remain the hallmarks of everything that 1DC does. The takeaway here is that no project is too big or too small for 1DC. They do the lot!

Very happy we could continue operating without any downtime within the factory.

Advantage Air needed a new roof for their huge factory, but they also needed to keep the factory operating. As we all know, especially after our experiences with COVID lockdowns, down-time is lost time and lost money. Could John and his team re-roof the entire 8,500 square metre factory without disrupting the factory operations or the workers? Of course, they could! They did the project in stages over three months. Not a single factory worker was interrupted, and there wasn’t any down-time for the factory at all. That’s quite an achievement, and it resulted in one pleased customer.

While you’re at it, is there any chance of improving air-flow in the factory?

No worries! As part of the re-roof, 1DC installed a vented ridge to allow better airflow into the factory. As always, with John’s extensive knowledge of every area of building and construction, 1DC can liaise with clients to provide the most appropriate solutions.

What about COVID? Has it affected work?

The entire team at 1DC says their hearts go out to everyone who has suffered as a result of COVID. Families, the Aussie economy, businesses, everybody took a hit in one way or another. Right now, however, at 1DC, they are busier than ever and probably the busiest they’ve ever been. Maybe that’s a good sign for all of us! They have several projects going on at the moment, including a major renovation for repeat clients Jill and Pete (some time back they won their first award for Jill and Pete’s Applecross renovation), and they are also about to start a brand new two-storey build for repeat client Kim. She was so pleased with the granny flat 1DC built for her in Applecross that she commissioned John and the team to build her new two-storey home. They are excited and honoured to begin that build!

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