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1970s Home Renovation in Leeming

As soon as we met John, we knew that he was the right builder for us

When Kelly and her husband Dane wanted to fully renovate their 1970s Leeming home, they brought in John Bodin’s One Design and Construct to do the work. They loved where they lived, the suburb, the locality, their neighbours, the schools and all that surrounded them. All they needed was the space that they had in their home to work better for them as a young family. Before the renovation, it was very closed off, dark, and with lots of different rooms. They wanted to have more of a flow and the ability to be together as a family more. They needed to redesign the layout of their internal walls to achieve this. All those walls had to come down and a new steel beam added into the existing structure. It was a big job, but Kelly said John was just so understanding and willing to compromise with their ideas they had. He came up with useful suggestions and built on what they already had. Kelly was impressed with how John was so happy to help them get exactly what they wanted. They said he was such an easy person to get along with, someone that they could easily approach with all their questions and queries.

I didn’t expect a builder to be so hands-on! Just kind, friendly and there to help us out. Help us understand that we sometimes needed a little bit more, that we don’t necessarily see it on the plans as they see it. To help us understand.

Kelly said when she walked into the house and saw the empty rooms with all the walls down for the first time, she had difficulty trying to visualize what it would look like when it was finished. It really helped to have John there and explain the plans. For example, when they were planning out their kitchen, they weren’t sure where everything would go or how it would fit, so John met Kelly on-site and literally got masking tape and taped out everything on the floor, the walls of where everything was going to go. Then he helped Kelly redesign the size of the kitchen island based on where their dining table was going to be positioned and the rest of the kitchen layout. That helped them to visualize the end result and how everything would work out.

Other builders sent sales representatives. With 1DC, owner builder John came to meet us, and he was our go-to guy from start to finish.

“John came to meet us, and it was John who was going to be doing the building with us, and it was John who we would have the contact with the majority of the time. So we met the person who was going to be responsible right through from our very first consult to the end result. That was gold for us. And when he came and immediately put his head in the roof space to check where the beams were, we knew where we stood pretty much straight away, and we didn’t get that reassurance and feeling from anyone else.”

It was a big renovation, so we all moved out and stayed with my mum. That worked out really well, but we are now enjoying our beautiful new house.

Initially, John said the project could take up to four months to complete, so Kelly and the family moved out of the house so John and his team could have free-range all day, every day to get what they needed to be done without the added hassle of having to work around anyone. Because of this, they completed the entire job in two and a half months! 6 Weeks before schedule. The whole family was thrilled to get in much earlier than they had anticipated. 

So what do they say now? “We love our house! It’s our forever home. We’re not going anywhere. This is it now. We’re so happy with the result and how beautiful it’s turned out, and we couldn’t ask for any more. It really is life-changing for us. We feel so spoiled to live in such a beautiful home now, that works so wonderfully for our family, and it does change the way that we spend our time together.” 

And there’s one more thing to wrap up this happy story. Kelly’s mum, who also lives in Leeming was so impressed with the outcome of Kelly’s renovation that she has contracted John and 1DC to renovate her home as well! We’ll keep you posted ๐Ÿ™‚

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