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Update on New House Build in Ardross

Earlier this year, One Design & Construct did the work to clear and level Kim’s brilliant block overlooking the Swan River and Perth’s skyline. With all the pieces finally in place, the build was able to really get going. But this hasn’t been your average year. There was the COVID lockdown, masks and social distancing, and then we were hit with some of the worst torrential weather we’ve seen in ages, which left parts of Perth quite literally underwater! Despite all that, take a look at the photo’s below to see the excellent progress on Kim’s new house. It’s a big build, but with the concrete pad finished on schedule, all the walls were able to go up, complete with door & window frames. This beautifully designed house is really taking shape! We’re all so very excited to see the finished build and have no doubt that John’s team at 1DC will do what they always do – an excellent job finished with the utmost quality, a super happy client, and smiles all around 🙂